Flying above the traffic

I'm a private pilot, working towards an instrument rating (eventually).
I bought an airplane - after *mumble* years of looking, leering, and outright drooling. :)

Aaaaand here it is!

side-view of N26688

This member of the family is a 1978 Grumman Cheetah (AA5A). This is a very easy plane to fly - it cruises at 120 knots (about 135 mph). It is economical to fly (8.5 gallons per hour at 120 knots, less at slower speeds).
Since the panel is VERY much VFR, I've just gone and invested in some used avionics (KLN-89B and KX-155) that I will be installing sometime in the near future.

I used to have it maintained at Pacific Air Care (located at the Watsonville airport).  Chuck Humphreys runs this place, and is a very good and honest mechanic.  He can be reached at (831) 724-4700.  (Just don't blow dust and rocks into his nice clean work area, otherwise you'll have to buy the guys some beer to make up for it).

I now have it maintained at Spiders Aviation at Montgomery Field. Mike is the main person there and used to sell Grummans. He seems VERY good at what he does. Mike can be reached at 858-277-0312.

More pictures later. Honest.


Since I'm a vfr pilot, Weather is very important to keep current on.
Here are some good sites:

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Some good all-around aviation sites are: Click for San Diego, California Forecast Click for San Francisco, California Forecast   Click for Salinas, California Forecast  

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